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Who Are We?


As the capital group Aida Global, we support our customers in management processes. This involves e.g. the selection of appropriate human resources and staff training, the implementation of relevant and adequate solutions, providing conclusions and analyses of both organizational and HR audits.

Our company has been operating since 2015, focusing first and foremost on the implementation of projects aimed at developing and increasing the competitive capital of companies through the priority given to HR consulting and improvement based on training.

Thanks to our growth and experience we have gained over the years, we could expand the portfolio of our services. Now we also offer organizational consulting.

The development of the strategy resulted in changes which led to the transformation of the company into a Capital Group.

Another pillar of our business is broadly defined publicity as well as reliable and robust marketing. We create marketing campaigns for companies across the world.
We work for customers representing a wide variety of sectors and industries. We stand out by out-of-the-ox approach to every project. We build completely new brands and refresh the image of existing companies.
Based on an individual approach, we provide our customers with top-quality services.

Why Us?


Our employees are our most crucial asset – they are at the heart of our company as we believe that accumulation of skills, experience, passion for work, and fresh insight based on an innovative approach are the key to success.

To ensure that the most reasonable and adequate operations are implemented, consultants of Aida Global base on their knowledge and skills, which translates both in the capability of investigating and identifying problems related to organizational policy, management methodology or procedures. As a result, only the best solutions are implemented.

We also provide an individualized approach to every project. The collaboration with our company and solutions proposed by us take into consideration the Customer’s specifics and characteristics of difficulties which are encountered by Employees of the particular company.

What makes us stand out? First of all our commitment which is reflected in the high quality of the services we provide and our team of world-class specialists.

Advanced IT technologies developed by our internal IT department help us operate more efficiently without having to forego the complexity of consulting and training projects.

We are also more effective than others, which results in the greater pace of implementation of projects. We can afford such an operational mode thanks to multiple applications and a platform, which helps us to provide more effective project management.

Transaction Consulting Team

Our team in Poland handles all types of transactions. We support our customers so that they can avoid unhealthy and excessively risky investments, and instead they are capable of achieving objectives based on favourable conditions.

Our services include e.g.:

  • professional consulting in mergers and takeovers
  • due diligence assessments in finance, taxes, IT and human resources
  • assistance and consulting during the investment process
  • assessment of goodwill of listed and non-listed companies
  • building business and financial models

We also support our Customers in restructuring processes based on advice oriented towards working capital and business reviews. We also handle business reorganizations. We monitor all the tasks, thus helping our Customer throughout the process.

Additionally, we can offer a wide assortment of services for private capital funds, as well asbanks and investors inthe real estate market.

Our Services



Advertising films, Advertising campaigns, Identification, Rebranding, Websites

Content strategy

We edit advertising texts, websites and blogs.


We implement customized gamification systems
in companies.

Web-based applications

We handle design, graphics, software and web-based applications


Effective marketing is our domain. We operate effectively. Take advantage of our offer.


We offer Financial, Investment and Transaction services



We develop websites and concepts, as well as update the existing web-based resources taking into account the prevailing trends.

Advertising videos

We produce videos. They vary according to expectations. We ensure their uniqueness and customization to the requirements of the prospective audience.

Advertising campaigns

We develop advertising campaigns based on an analysis of the Customer’s market and marketing status. It is precise and customized to the individual needs of Customers.


When transforming all the components of the Customer’s brand, our primary focus is to ensure effectiveness. First we develop a plan, and then we implement a new strategy designed for the particular company.


It is of vital importance to ensure that the Customer’s brand is recognizable, identifiable, original and distinctive. To do this, we build and implement a visual identification system.


We implement customized gamification systems in companies.
We implement tried and tested methodology (with demonstrated effects) aimed at increasing the effectiveness of company.

We are capable of achieving various results according to the needs of company – from increasing the effectiveness of a particular employee to the improvement of teamwork or operating efficiency of the entire organization.



What can you make to more quickly attract prospective customers? Here we can offer positioning services to assist you in doing this.

Social Media

 Integrated social medial marketing based on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Marketing automation

 Based on an behavioural analysis of users, we can automate your marketing operations.

e-mail Marketing

 We will prepare newsletters and develop a database of subscribers.

Content strategy


We develop company blogs so that they contain up-to-date texts and messages of industrial relevance.


We compose advertisements and sales proposals.


Web-based applications

We handle design, graphics, software and web-based applications, which are necessary for successful growth and development of companies.



Financial Services

The Financial Consulting Team supports Customers by providing advice on transactions involved in mergers and takeovers, financial acquisitions, and fraud risk management.

There are few companies on the market, which could offer the assistance of advisers and consultants having exactly such skills and expertise. As far as those present on the market are concerned – they are doing very well. Financial consulting services are used not only and exclusively by private persons. They are also used by small and larger companies.

The role of an adviser and consultant is to support the decision-making process so that it is reasonable and effective, and provides successful outcomes.

The Association of Financial Consulting Service Providers brings together companies providing financial consulting services. The information collected by them show that Financial Consulting sector enjoys a strong and dynamic growth.

Investment Services

If you are not sure where to invest and need professional assistance – this is what the consultants of Aida Global Ltd. offer.

The innovative investment consulting services are a unique feature on the Polish financial market as they are based on in-depth financial assessments, proper qualification of investment funds, trust and confidence. Our precise Customer-oriented investment recommendations are developed based on, inter alia, extensive analyses and assessments.

We invite you to take a closer look at our key objectives which provide the basis for our investment consulting services.

Transaction Services

Transaction consulting services include first and foremost supporting Customers in the management of their capital programme.

We live in times when the global market presents increasingly more challenges. The management of a company’s capital programme at the present is decisive to its position in the future.

Our team of experts in transactions has worked with the major world-class organizations, as well as thriving and growing corporations and private equity funds, which are related to multi-faceted operations on world markets.

Thanks to the collaboration with our company, Customers can make better decisions on strategic capital management and transactions carried out in the ever-changing world. In other words, it involves advising companies on how to optimize, protect, invest and increase their capital. As a result, they will achieve their strategic objectives. Our core focus is to ensure that the available capital resources are used effectively.

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